Living at Sylvan Grove

This page is a collection of items about "how things work" at Sylvan Grove. These are not
by-laws , but are accepted practice and most have been circulated in a Newsletter at some time.
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Access Cards and Keys

BBQ and Tennis Court Bookings at Christmas

Balconies and Water

Body Corporate Manager


Car Parking

Common Room Balcony

Digital TV

Fire Alarm

Fire Safety Evacuation Plan

Garbage Chute

Local Weather Map (BOM
Keys and Access Cards


Mail Outwards
Mail to the Body Corporate Manager




Packing Cartons

Parcel Deliveries


Photocopies and Faxes



Swimming Pool and Spa

Tradespeople and Deliveries

Security. Building Security

Tennis Court

Tennis Court and BBQ Bookings at Christmas

Unit Owners Association

Visitors Car Park

Water on Balconies

Wheelie Bins on P1 and P2


The BBQ may be booked on the white board located on P2.

Residents are requested to switch off the BBQ after use and leave the area clean and tidy. If you do have more rubbish than will fit in the bin, please bring the excess up to the big bin in the bin room.

Chairs should be returned to the store room where they are stacked.

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BBQ and Tennis Court Bookings, Christmas and New Year

Anyone wanting to use the BBQ area over Christmas might want to book a little more than the usual week in advance.

For that purpose, we will attach a special festive season bookings card to the booking board. We will transfer any bookings to the board in the week before your event.

As usual, the pool remains open to all residents at all times, so if you do have a group at the BBQ, please keep access to the pool area clear of chairs etc.

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Parcel Delivery

When parcels are delivered to the building:-

1. The deliverer will first try to contact you via the intercom.

If you are not available, the deliver will contact us.

2. If the parcel requires a signature, we will sign for it, hold it in the office, and put a note in your mailbox.

3. If no signature is required, we will either put it in your mailbox or leave it outside your door.

If we are nÙot available, some deliverers will leave a card in your mailbox, others will call again later. The Australia Post courier, if no signature is required, usually just leaves the parcel inside the front door, and then 3 above applies.

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Rubbish chutes may be used between 7am and 10 pm and are situated in the stairwells of each floor.

When using the rubbish chute, you will need to take with you the key of your front door (bottom lock) to open the stairwell door on your way back.

Large items may be disposed of in the hopper in the bin room located opposite the visitor car park.

Rubbish is collected on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Please wrap kitchen waste before disposing of it.

Glass bottles should not be thrown down the chute as they may explode on impact.

Bins for recyclable items are provided in the bin room; sorry, no chute for recyclables. Please remove plastic carry bags from items to be put in the recycling bins and put them in the hopper.

The bins on P1 and P2 are there for your convenience when cleaning out the car or your garage. Please donÙt use them for your everyday rubbish.

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There are two trolleys/barrows/hand trucks available for general use. They will live on P1 and P2 (one on each level) with the shopping trolleys.

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The Common Room Balcony

If the sun isn't beaming on your balcony as much as you'd like during the winter months, consider using the balconies off the Common Room during the day. We normally keep the security grilles to the balconies locked but we can open them for you any time or issue you with a key if you become a regular user.

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Photocopies and Faxes

We have, in the office, a laser photocopier which does quick, high-quality black & white copies. We can do copies for residents, but can't do large numbers and can't guarantee any response time. To cover costs, we ask 50 cents per page.
Fax Service
We have a fax machine in the office and are pleased to offer a fax service for residents. Charges are:
Faxes out: 50 cents plus the cost of the phone call. Faxes in: 50 cents per page.

Our fax number is 07 3870 1096. Please feel free to give out that number if you need something faxed to you. Any such faxes we receive we will put either in your mail box or under your unit door.

To clarify a point, and perhaps to save some embarrassment, the photocopier and fax machine in the office belong to Peter and Judy's company, not the Body Corporate.

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Access Cards and Keys

Your unit front door key, the one that opens the lock with the handle, also opens:-
  • the stairwell doors on your floor
  • the tennis court gates
  • the doors to the G-P1-P2 stairwell (beside the lifts)
Access Cards/Tags
Our electronic access cards operate:-
  • the front and back doors to the ground floor foyer
  • the garage roller doors(new key chain remotes are available - See the Manager)
  • the gate at the top of the stairs that lead down to the pool/BBQ/tennis court
  • the door beside the roller doors on P2
  • the lift call buttons on the ground floor and the two car park levels.
You can obtain additional cards/tags, or replacements for lost or damaged cards from the building managers for $20 each. You can "trade up" from an access card (in good condition) to a new access tag for $10 each.

If you lose a security card, please report it to the building managers as lost so that it can be deactivated and there is no chance of unauthorised persons gaining access to the building. If you find it again, we can easily reinstate it.
See alsoCommittee Policy on Issue of Access Cards and Tags and Keys

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Those Bins on P1 and P2

The wheelie bins in P1 and P2 do sometimes get filled to overflowing, and as they get emptied only fortnightly, they have become somewhat odorous.

Please bear in mind that these bins are there for the convenience of people cleaning out their cars or garages, rather than for disposal of your unit rubbish, which should be put down the chute in the stairwell.

The best reason for using the chutes is that the big bin at the bottom of the chute is emptied four times a week, so any smelly rubbish doesnÙt get time to give off odours.

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Newspapers sometimes go missing from our internal foyer table outside the lifts. Please note all papers here are ordered and paid for by individual residents.If in doubt please check with your newsagent that you are a current subscriber.

Sometimes residents may not collect their papers on the morning they are delivered, and might even not collect them for a day or so, but this does not mean that they do not intend to collect them.

Papers older than three days will be held in the office and not discarded until at least a week old.

Now, if you are going to be away for your normal delivery please contact your supplier and have them cease delivery for the period of absence.

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Mail to Strata Vision Group

Need to post something to the Body Corporate Manager,Strata Vision Group ?

We are posting things to them at least weekly, so if you want, just leave any mail with us. This includes payment of Body Corporate fees by cheque.

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Fire Alarm

If you hear the fire alarm, DO NOT USE THE LIFTS. Please vacate the building swiftly via the fire stairs and assemble on the footpath in front of the building next door on the Wesley side of our building.

If you are unable to use the stairs, just wait in the stairwell. Another resident passing by your level & location will make the authorities aware of you location.

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Fire Safety Evacuation Plan

The Fire Safety and Evacuation procedures for the building can be found on the back of the door to the fire hose cupboard on each floor. Please note Fire Plans near lift buttons on every floor - Something to make yourself familiar with as it may save your life or that of a loved one or neighbour.

Also, a copy is given to every new resident, a copy is issued annually (usually with a Newsletter in December/January) to all residents, and copies are available anytime from the office.

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Outwards Mail

The spare mailbox at the bottom right of our bank of mailboxes is now to be used for outwards mail. Any mail left there we will deliver to an Australia Post mailbox.

We do not offer any guaranteed clearance times, but usually we will clear and post at the end of each day

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Please donÙt allow access to the building to any people you don't know, even if - well, especially if they appear to be tradespersons. Just refer them to Ros or Steve via the intercom button or mobile phone.

Do noÙt be shy about refusing entry to other residents. Rest assured that (1) they do noÙt expect you to know them AND they do share your concerns about our security.

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Garbage Chute

The garbage chute sometimes gets blocked, probably caused by some too-large pieces of cardboard. (Pizza boxes and cartons)

We ask that when you do put anything down the chute, you listen for a second to check that it falls freely.

If not, tell Ros or Steve asap!

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Body Corporate Matters

We'll shortly place in the library a folder of documents, flyers, manuals etc containing matters of interest to bodies corporate and unit holders. Did you know that the Office of Fair Trading operates an information service for body corporate matters? For all you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask, perhaps? Phone 1800 060 119

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Unit Owners Association

We have a membership of theUnit Owners Association of Queensland .

The Association publishes a quarterly newsletter which contains lots of things of interest to unit owners (of course). The newsletters will be in a folder in the library.

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Library & Common Room

Don'Ùt forget to make use of the library. Donate books/DVDs tothe library for as long as you like and borrow any book or DVD you like for as long as you like, return when ready.

Ros & Steve will keep tidy and cull as necessary.

We now also have some magazines, not many, but the variety is interesting. Past editions of building newsletters are also now in a folder in the library.

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There are some noticeboards in the Common Room. ThereÙ is plenty of space, so feel free to pin up anything you like.

Your postcards from you holiday destinations always prove interesting

Ros & Steve will keep an eye on them to ensure that they don'Ùt get too cluttered and that any notices are both appropriate and current.

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Water on Your Balcony

If you like to water your plants generously or even wash down your balcony tiles, please take care that the excess water goes down the drainage grilles in the floor, not down the slots at each end of the balcony.

The slots are there to allow excess storm water to get away, but do bear in mind that any water running down those slots goes down on to the balcony below. We have some foam blocks in a basket in the Common Room that will help stem the flow through these slots should you need them.

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Packing Cartons

A number of packing cartons are stored in the roof (Level 11) of the building - we can'Ùt bear to see anything not recycled.

If anyone has a use for them, whether for moving or otherwise, come and see us about the key to the storage space.

In similar vein, if you have some cartons left over after a move, donÙt throw them out. WeÙll take them and store them in the roof.

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Noise in Units

Most folk here are very thoughtful when it comes to noise and disturbance to neighbouring units. Some need reminding that walls between units on the same level are only as soundproof as the walls within your unit. If you can hear from one room to the next, you can probably hear from one unit to the next through the common wall.

Noise also carries well from one balcony to the next, and, depending on what side of the building you are on, can bounce back from adjacent buildings with surprising clarity and even amplification!

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Tradespeople and Deliveries

Deliveries of all heavy items (ie delivered on a trolley) should be made through P1. Similarly, all tradespersons should come and go via P1 rather than the main foyer on G level.

We will facilitate access via P1 by issuing access cards, locking off a lift, and allowing short-term parking for tradespersons vehicles in the car wash spots.

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Some Notes About the Plumbing in Sylvan Grove

Main Valves to Units
To fix a leaky tap or toilet in a unit, the water needs to be turned off at the unitÙs main tap which is in the ceiling (2 bed unit - laundry cupboard / 3 bed unit - ensuite, bathroom or toilet ceiling).

These main taps are showing their age to the point that they sometimes leak when turned off and on again. Since there is no other shut off tap between this tap to each unit and the main tap in the street for the whole building, we had visions (nightmares?) shutting off the whole buildingÙs water to repair the main tap in each unit. Our plumber, who knows this building very well, has found a way of doing the repair to the main tap without drama and has successfully repaired a couple so far.

Please keep this in mind if you are getting plumbing done in your unit. If there are problems with the main valve to your unit, we may need to get our plumber to attend to the valve - at Unit holders' expense.

As you may be aware, the original taps in our units are a European type rather rare in Australia now as they have been struck from the catalogues.

Our regular plumber has had success with machining the internals of the new variety to fit and has a source of replacements but they aren't cheap. This will be of interest to those of you who want to keep the look of the originals and, they are of good quality.

However, if any of you are having your taps replaced and are just going to throw the old ones out, we'll take them and store them with a view to using them as replacements as needs rise in other units.

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Car parking

Our by-laws on the matter are brief and clear: Occupiers must not park any vehicle upon the Common Property except- with the consent in writing of the Body Corporate Committee or where authorised by an exclusive by-law.

We are fortunate to have a generous number of visitor parking spaces. We all use the visitor parking area for temporary parking from time to time, and some of us who own more cars than parking spaces in the basement, do so frequently. Until such time as our visitors cannot find a spare parking space, we might as well enjoy the facility we have.

Sometimes residents have friends who need parking for a short time while visiting the area. While we have the parking space available, we can afford to be generous with it, so friends are welcome to park for short terms. All day parking for friends who work in the area is not appropriate, as they can be expected to make their own arrangements for travel to and from work each day.

It is of concern when residents cars are parked in the visitor car park for long periods (eg overnight or more) while their allocated parking space in the basement is not being used for parking at all.
Note: spaces in the basement are allocated for parking and should be used for storage or furniture or other items only to the extent that parking of a car in the space is still possible.

Of particular concern is when residents use the the covered visitor parking spaces for regular or long-term garaging of their cars. As a general rule, the covered parking spaces should be used only (a) by visitors, (b) by residents for short-term parking (eg 2 hours) . This will have the effect of leaving the spaces close to the building available for our visitors and for short-term parking by residents. It also encourages residents to use their basement parking spaces and precludes the practice of residents using the covered visitor spaces for car storage.

Street parking is also available to residents. The Brisbane City Council issues permits for long-term parking in the street. With the notice comes a permit for your car and another for a visitor's car, much like one of those "disabled" parking tags. The permits are free. Some of us already have them - just in case parking in the visitors parking area gets a bit tight.

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Swimming Pool/Spa

The swimming pool and spa may be used from 7 am to 10 pm.

Guests may not use the pool/spa unless accompanied by a resident.

Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult exercising effective control over them.

No glassware or beverages may be brought into the pool area.

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Tennis Court

The tennis court may be used from 7 am until nightfall.

Guests may not use the tennis court unless accompanied by a resident.

Sport/running shoes only may be worn. The court may only be used for the purpose of playing tennis and must be booked on the white board on P2.

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Digital TV

Will digital TV work in our building? HereÙ's the answer from the Australian Broadcasting AuthorityÙs web site:-
Digital channels have been allotted in such a way as to minimise costs to consumers. When allotting channels for a market, particular attention was given to ensuring that, as far as possible, consumers will not be required to purchase an additional receive antenna.

In the majority of cases, existing antennas, which are appropriate for receiving the local analog television services, are maintained in good condition and are properly installed, will be adequate to receive digital television transmissions.

If you would like to read some more on the subject, check the AuthorityÙsweb site .

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