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Here's a collection of interesting (well, to some of us, at least) details about Sylvan Grove. Some of it is trivia but some of it may be useful.

If you have any other details to add, please share it with others by passing it on to ourwebmaster to be included on this page.

Our Address(es)

Our usual address is 32 Dunmore Terrace, Auchenflower

The original advertised address for Sylvan Grove was 389 Coronation Drive, Toowong

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Land Title Details

  • Registered Plan Number: 10109
  • County: Stanley
  • Parish: Enoggera
Rates notice says:
Real Property Description: L. your lot number BUP.10109 PAR ENOGGERA 40/2000

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Unit Sizes

Corner Sq Metres Squares
North 124 14.4
East 153 16.5
South 153 16.5
West 135 14.5
Unit 1 130 14

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Paint Colours

  • Exterior (painted in 2000)SPECIAL NOTE: Building repainted approx November 2011
  • so these (original) colours need updating but are left here for historical records
    • Garden beds and lighter panels: Kiva Glow
    • Darker panels (dark pink): Cottage
    Exterior (painted in 2011)
    • Garden beds and lighter panels: Dulux Lama
    • Darker panels: Wattyl Smoked Seville
    • Ceiling outside main entrance,
      in under-cover visitor parking areas and in bin room: Colourbond Surf Mist
  • Interior ie Foyers Levels 1 to 10
    (painted June 2004)
    • Walls: Clay Pipe
    • Door frames and doors (lighter): Light Rice
  • BBQ Shed (painted November 2006)
    • Exterior Walls: Kiva Glow
    • Interior Walls: White
    • Frame of Shed:
  • Ground Level Foyer and Common Room (painted December 2006)
    • Walls: Dulux Hog Bristle
    • Feature Walls: Wattyl Light Coffee
    • Door Frames: Dulux Hog Bristle, half strength
  • Fencing in little yard behind pool shed (painted November 2006)
    • Walpamur "Doeskin" fence paint
  • Pool Deck
    • Mid 2005. Sealed with Azcoseal Acrylic Primer.
      Painted with Solver Paints Solvatex, colour Ambassador
    • Mid 2007. Painted with Solver Paints Acrylic Decking Paint, colour Silverpine
    • Mid 2009. Painted with Solver Paints Duragard, colour Bleached Turf
  • Outside of paling fence along Coronation Drive (top of crib wall).
    This fence was painted in February 2005 after the grafitti attack.
    • Luxury Paints "Caulfield Green"

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Building Floor Heights

As measured from the car park pavement on the south corner of the building to the top surface of the ledge outside the corner windows.
First floor is 3.2 metres above the car park. Each other floor is 2.6 metres above the one below.
Level Metres above car park
Ground 0
1 3.2
2 5.8
3 8.4
4 11
5 13.6
6 16.2
7 18.8
8 21.4
9 24
10 26.6
11 29.2

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Historical Documents

Sales Promotion Booklet circa 1989 . This booklet was originally published in A3 format. The booklet (in pdf format, 1.8 mb) attached to this web page was compiled from a copy of the original booklet kindly loaned to Sylvan Grove by Harry Burke of 42 Dunmore Terrace, Auchenflower.

A hard copy of the compiled booklet is held in the Sylvan Grove Library.

Price List circa 1989 . A price list for Sylvan Grove units circulated by L.J. Hooker, Toowong some time around 1989.

Sylvan Grove Estate . This is a sales promotion document, from around 1878, for the Sylvan Grove Estate at Toowong. It may be that our building was named after that estate. As far as we can figure out, this estate was in the area bounded by what are now Burns Road and Campbell Street in Toowong.

Street Names Nearby Sylvan Grove . In March 1860, Robert Cribb was one of four aldermen given the task of naming any "roads, streets or lanes ... not clearly defined".

  • Fortitude, Chasely and Lima were the names of Dr John Dunmore Lang's immigrant ships
  • Challinor and Hobbs were names of the ships' surgeons
  • Eldridge was a chemist
  • Ridley and Kingsford were local Protestant Ministers
  • John Street, Dunmore Terrace and Lang Parade were named after, well, John Dunmore Lang, of course

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Clothes Dryers

Because of the low ceilings in our laundries, there is limited space to hang clothes dryers on the wall above the washing machine.

There are three ways to get around that problem:-

  1. Use only an old Simpson dryer, which is shorter than other brands and shorter than the later model Simpsons (see below)
  2. Opt for a front-load washing machine for which the space above isn't so important
  3. Install one of those washing-and-drying machines
Heights of the various brands is (or was):
Simpson old 720 mm, Simpson new 800 mm, Hoover 780 mm, Fisher and Paykel 800 mm, Westinghouse 800mm.

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Runners for balcony Doors

The sliding glass doors to our balconies are fitted originally with stainless steel runners which seem to last forever. If they are not running well, they may need only adjustment and lubrication.

If the runners do need replacement, there are two models available:

  • Cowdroy TT665, all stainless steel rated at 100 kgs. $19.30 each.
  • Cowdroy S987, with brass wheels and rated at 50 kgs. $23.55 for a pack of two
Here's a diagram of the runners . These should be available from local hardware shops but are often not in stock because it is not a commonly replaced item. Prices shown are as quoted by Paddington Hardware in May 2006. A similar runner, with nylon wheel, isn't suitable as our doors are too heavy.

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Runners for Shower Screens

The runners at the top of the original glass shower screens can be made to run better with a little bit of spray lubricant. If they look rusty, they should be replaced.

The appropriate replacement runners are Cowdroy S933 and cost about $6 per pair
($6-25 Paddington Hardware, November 2006). You'll need one pair per door.

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Runners for Sliding Windows
(behind the kitchen sink in the three-bedroom units)

The appropriate replacement runners are Cowdroy S970 and cost about $5 per pair
($4-65 Paddington Hardware, December 2006).

Two more points:-

  • Some would argue that replacement of these runners is a Body Corporate responsibility (nor further comment here)
  • Replacing the runners is a bit tricky and removing the window from its track before replacing the runners is awkward, if not difficult.

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Electricity Tariffs - Timing

  • Tariff 11 Domestic (normal supply): 24 hour supply
  • Tariff 31 Super Economy ( off-peak): 11 pm to 7 am only
  • Tariff 33 Economy (partly-off-peak): 18 hours supply each day (but no guarantee on when)
See also theEnergex tariff page .

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