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The Body Corporate Committee

The Committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Body Corporate, usually held in about September each year.

As at the 2011 Annual General Meeting there are seven elected Committee members:-

  • Lee Blume (Chairman)
  • Maggie Russell  (Treasurer)
  • Jenny Brennan 
  • Shelly Shaw
  • Bob Siemon
  • Neil Clark (Secretary)

A personal thank you to the active Committee Members over the past years for their effort and acknowledged here by the the WebMaster

Also on the Committee, but as non-voting members, are:- For details on the role and responsibilities of the Committee, here are three options:-
  • A copy of the "Body Corporate Handbook" published by the Unit Owners Association of Queensland is held in our library in the Common Room.
  • The Queensland Department of Tourism, Fair Trading and Wine Industry Development publishes a brochure on the role of the Committee (3 pages)

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By Laws

The Body Corporate is established legally by the Community Management Statement (CMS) lodged with the State Government.

The CMS includes the Body Corporate By-Laws , a set of "rules" which prescribes how things work at Sylvan Grove and imposes some obligations on residents, particularly in the way we relate to each other and how we utilitse the facilities both of our units and the common property.

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The Resident Managers

Click here for an article from July 2007 describing Management Rights.

The following description of the Resident Manager role is taken from a discussion paper published by the Queensland Government in July 2004.

What is a restricted letting agent (RLA)/service contractor?

The BCCM Act provides that a "service contractor" can be employed to provide services to the body corporate in areas such as caretaking, or pool cleaning. A restricted letting agent (RLA) is licensed under the Property Agents and Motor Dealers Act 2000 (the PAMD Act) to perform a letting business onsite at a community titles scheme. Further, the BCCM Act provides that a “caretaking service contractor” is a service contractor that is either a RLA or who is an associate of the RLA.

The licence under the PAMD Act is subject to a number of conditions, including residency onsite and conduct requirements. If the RLA also performs caretaking duties for the body corporate, the RLA is also variously known as a resident unit manager or onsite manager.

What is the nature of an RLAÙs business?

A body corporate may assign letting rights for their scheme and in doing so, may create a lucrative and viable business. This is particularly the case for large mutli-storey complexes in predominately tourist areas. Becoming an RLA can involve the investment by the RLA of considerable sums to purchase the letting rights for the complex concerned. Purchase of letting rights is often accompanied by the purchase of the complementary maintenance contract for the complex and by the need to purchase a managerÙs unit in the complex.

The nature of the RLA business varies. “Mum and Dad” investors may look to become an RLA as a retirement business or as a long-term investment. There is also a growing trend for corporations to buy letting rights for a number of complexes then install individual managers in each complex.

For the body corporate the decision to assign letting rights to an RLA is an important decision, particularly for lot owners who have purchased the lot for investment purposes. The letting of the lot on a consistent basis is essential in ensuring the ownerÙs return and in order for this to occur the lot owner may come to rely upon the RLAÙs ability to both promote the complex and ensure lots are let out as often as possible. Of course, not all lot owners will choose to be a part of the letting pool in a complex and may choose to let the unit themselves or through another agency. However in those complexes where most if not all owners are a part of the letting pool there is considerable reliance on the RLA to achieve good occupancy.

There may be further expectations as well. RLAs who are responsible for maintenance are expected to maintain facilities in good order, which may be a considerable task in a complex that has infrastructure such as a pool, spa, sauna, tennis courts or underground car park. RLAs also have a certain responsibility when letting lots in managing guest and tenant behaviour and monitoring the wear and tear on ownersÙ lots. The decision by an RLA to let a lot to a guest or tenant who then causes damage to either the lot or common property can have considerable consequences for the lot owner, particularly if the lot cannot be let pending repairs.

An RLA also has responsibilities to tenants under tenancy law, from providing a standard information statement to tenants at the beginning of a tenancy, to ensuring the reasonable peace, comfort and privacy of the tenant in using the premises. In both roles, the RLA must comply with tenancy law in their daily duties (for example, laws about entering premises and maintenance and repairs).

The Resident Managers at Sylvan Grove are Ros & Steve Russell .

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The Body Corporate Manager

The following description of the BCM role is taken from a discussion paper published by the Queensland Government in July 2004.

What is a body corporate manager?

A body corporate manager is engaged by the body corporate to perform administrative services for the body corporate.

A body corporate manager may arrange maintenance or source tradespeople and quotes for work at the community titles scheme. The body corporate manager also may have a role otherwise filled by the secretary of a body corporate committee, ensuring, for example, that notice of meetings and meeting papers are correctly distributed. Body corporate managers are also generally closely involved in the day-to-day financial affairs of the body corporate. For example, a body corporate manager may send out notices to lot owners that their contributions are due and may also have responsibility for paying bills. In the latter case, the body corporate manager has access to the body corporate's funds, in order to effect payment. In essence, a body corporate manager is an agent of the body corporate.

The BCCM Act does not require that a body corporate engage a body corporate manager. Nonetheless, for many bodies corporate, it is essential to engage a body corporate manger, depending for example on the size of the scheme, the number of lots, the amount and type of facilities and common property, and the proportion of owner occupiers and owner-investors in the scheme. Smaller schemes may find that they can manage their own affairs sufficiently without engaging a body corporate manager.

The Body Corporate Manager for Sylvan Grove isStrata Vision Group Pty Ltd :

  • PO Box 436, Carina 4152
  • 87 Bennetts Road , Camp Hill 4152
    (Corner Lloyd St and Bennetts Road)
  • Phone 07 3398 1000 Fax 07 3398 4410

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Government Information

The Queensland Department of Tourism, Fair Trading and Wine Industry Development publishes a number of brochures on Body Corporate matters.

The Department also has a special information service phone line for Body Corporate matters: 1800 060 119

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Changes to Keys and Locks June 2006

Background papers to decision to change external door locks Committee Policy on Issue of Access Cards and Tags and Keys

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