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    Who is Sylvan Grove?

Sylvan Grove is an apartment building registered with the Queensland (Australia) Government as Community Titles Scheme Number 5234.

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    The Sylvan Grove Domain

The internet domain namr, sylvangrove.com.au belongs to the Sylvan Grove Body Corporate.

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 Our webmaster

is currently a resident  of Sylvan Grove, Lee Blume . However, as this is a community website, and the role of webmaster is voluntary, the title of webmaster (and the associated status and esteem!) may be passed on from time to time as it was to me.

The style and appearance of this web site are limited by the capacity of the webmaster and may change over time as the webmaster's skills improve and his (or her) enthusiasm for the task waxes and wanes.

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Any contributions to  this website are always welcome. Options for making a contribution include, but are not limited to:-
  • Building new pages
  • Hosting pages
  • Providing text, documents, diagrams or photos
  • Providing useful links to other web pages
To make a contribution, contact our webmaster .

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Contact Us

Contact us any time via:-

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 The most recent change to this web site was done on Friday November 9 2012